​Stronger Relationships Between
   Leaders, Employees, and Customers

Clear Communication Skills

              Engaged, Productive Teams                                                                                                                                                                                    
          Amy Hart​​​​​​​​​​
Who Doesn't Want More Success, Satisfaction and  Better Performance Results?
So What Is Stopping You From Getting More of What You Want?
Don't most businesses  and  productive employees want more success and satisfaction as well as results ?  Of course!  So what keeps us from getting more of what we want?  Some things are beyond our control - the economy, changes in industry, technological changes.    But what about those things we can control, or at least postively influence?  How can we affect the trust in  client relationships and the trust between managers and employees or co-workers?  How well are people communicating and managing conflict?
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How We Bring Value
How does Hart Training Connection bring value to clients? After 25+ years as a corporate employee, and then starting Hart Training Connection in 2011,  Amy Hart gained a unique perspective  on the needs of small businesses as well as large corporations.  Utilizing that experience, she  empowers  companies and their teams to:​
  • Build Stronger Relationships between company leaders,  employees and customers
  • Communicate and Present more effectively
  • Develop Leadership Skills in managers and individual contributors
  • Develop Engaged and Productive Teams
  • Use Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence to become  proactive,  positive change agents at work and home