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 We  help you connect clear communication with the results you want.  How? We provide a customized process that helps you organize a clear, targeted message.  The process is flexible in how it’s delivered, helps gets you organized and focused, and keeps your participants connected and engaged.

Our process starts with determining your “target” by answering a question: ”What  outcome do you want?”  Then we follow a simple easy-to-remember 3 step communication process:

Hart Training ConnectionPart of “selling” the benefits of your message is understanding your listeners, what motivates them, and how they prefer to  be communicated with.  It’s also important to understand your own preferences, particularly if you want to be effective with  people who are different from you. We help individuals and companies accomplish all this by offering training in effective communication,  including:

  • Discovering Your Communication Style with Everything DiSC in the Workplace

  • Discovering Your Management Style with Everything DiSC for Managers

  • Communicating and Managing Across Generations: “What Does It Take For You to Hear Me?”

  • Getting Your Message Heard  – whether marketing yourself on LinkedIn/other social media, or conducting effective webinars, in-person meetings, or a blend of both, we show you how to communicate effectively with a purpose that is targeted to a specific result. 

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Connecting Clear Communication with Results