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Hart Training Connection is a communication skills training company with a passion for bringing quality training to small and medium sized companies and entrepreneurs.  We offer virtual and in-person training, and  help smaller companies join together to obtain competitive pricing through the associations and companies  that serve them.  

The focus of all our training programs is 1) to clearly identify your specific goals and 2) to design training that builds knowledge and skills – as opposed to being merely entertaining or informational.  We help you to identify the training outcomes you want, practice the skills needed, and develop a plan of accountability for obtaining results.

Hart Training ConnectionIn order to effectively  “sell” the benefits of a message or business, many people  work to understand their audience – what motivates them, and how they prefer to  be communicated with.  But first, you need to  understand YOUR  communication style and preferences, particularly if you want to be effective with  people who are different from you. We help you accomplish  this through understanding your own communication style first and then learning how to build stronger relationships with other styles.  

Training Offerings include:

* Discovering Your Communication Style with Everything DiSC in the Workplace

* Discovering Your Management Style with Everything DiSC for Managers

* Discovering Your Sales Style with Everything DiSC for Sales

* Communicating and Managing Across Generations: “What Does It Take For You to Hear Me?”

* Getting Your Message Heard  -a simple 3-step process to organize an effective message targeted to results

* Time Mastery, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Conflict Management

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Connecting Clear Communication with Results