​Stronger Relationships Between
   Leaders, Employees, and Customers

Clear Communication Skills

              Engaged, Productive Teams                                                                                                                                                                                    
          Amy Hart​​​​​​​​​​
Training and Speaking Services
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    Leadership Development
    As an Authorized Partner of Jill Hickman Companies, HTC offers: Signature Leadership® Communication Skills Conflict Management Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making DiSCovering Manager Workplace Styles DiSC Productive Conflict DiSC for Sales
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    Professional Development
    Technical and Business Presentation Skills Enhancing Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence Effective Communication Skills Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback Dealing with Difficult People Making Conflict Productive
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    Productive Teams and Customer Service
    As an Authroized Partner of Jill Hickman Companies, HTC offers: Signature Service® Communication Skills Conflict Management DISCovering Individual Workplace Styles DiSC® For Sales DiSC® Productive Conflict
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    Example Speaking Topics
    Speaking the Customer's Language Managing and Improving Employee Performance Engaging a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Workforce Emotional Intelligence Begins with You How Engaged Employees Drive Business Results Creating a Service Culture

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    Upcoming Presentations

Workforce Solutions HR Seminar

May 14, 2019
United Way, Houston TX
Making Difficult Conversations Easier
In person OR by Webinar - Click for More Info and To Register

International Association of Workplace Professionals
Workforce Development Conference
June 16th - 19th, 2019
San Antonio Texas

"Difficult Conversations that Empower Team Relationships and Performance" - June 18th, 10 am to 11:40 am

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