​​Strong Connections, 

Clear Communication,

Credible Results

          Amy Hart​​​​​
Training and Speaking Services
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    Leadership Development
    Signature Leadership - A Jill Hickman Companies* ("JHC") Program** **DISCovering Individual Management Styles **Communication Skills **Conflict Management **Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making **Training Sustainability *Authorized Partner of JHC ------- Improving Employee Performance Engaging Remote Workers
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    Professional Development
    Technical and Business Presentation Skills Enhancing Effectiveness with Emotional Intelligence Effective Communication Skills Business and Email Etiquette Dealing with Difficult People Managing Conflict
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    Customer Service
    Signature Service - A Jill Hickman Companies* ("JHC") Program** **DISCovering Individual Workplace Styles **Signature Service **Communication Skills * *Conflict Management *Authorized Partner of JHC ---------- Speaking the Client's Language
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    Speaking Topic Examples
    Speaking the Customer's Language Managing and Improving Employee Performance Engaging a Multi-Cultural and Multi-Generational Workforce Emotional Intelligence Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback Creating a Sales Culture
Strong Connections, Clear Communication,  Credible Results
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Upcoming Presentations

Gulf Coast Symposium May 9th -11th Houston TX , HR Houston
​         Break out Speaker Wednesday May 9th 7:30 AM -8:30 AM
​"Inclusive Leadership: Engaging Diverse Teams to Drive Business Performance"
​Do you work in a complex environment that requires engaging a diversity of stakeholders?  We'll review core models showing how our brains manage information, and the unconscious biases that result.  How can we address limiting behaviors and beliefs that disengage a diverse workforce?  See research deomonstrating what inclusive leadership habits will engage diverse teams to achieve high performance.
​ https://hrhouston18.mapyourshow.com/7_0/sessions/session-details.cfm?ScheduleID=95

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