Three Things Kids and Animals Remind Us About Freedom

 In Values Freedom

Amy Hart

Have you ever noticed how free a toddler is when exploring something new? They are 100% in the moment, completely engrossed with the experience. They aren’t evaluating their performance, wondering how they compare to others, or worrying about looking good. They are great learners – willing to try things out, experiment, explore for the sheer joy of it, unattached to a particular outcome. How many times have I worked myself into a frenzy of frustration over some computer or software issue I faced, assuming it had to be hard. My grown son calmly said one day “Mom, just get curious.” I can figure a lot of things out now, from lots of practice and more patience. Enough of “We’ve always done it that way” thinking! Let’s get curious and allow it to be okay to not know.


Freedom Reminder One: Live fully in the moment, get curious, be a life-long learner.

For many of us, animals are part of our families. Who else is ALWAYS willing to play, take a walk, purr or cuddle up as you pet them, happy to see you. Even at the saddest of times, when we must let them go, pets can convey a deep trust that is quite profound. What is it about the love and devotion of animals that touches us so deeply? They accept us for who we are, and they are who they represent themselves to be.

Freedom Reminder Two: Accept people for who they are, and be who you represent yourself to be.


We all – of necessity – must grow up, learn to deal with life’s challenges, protect ourselves and loved ones, learn from our mistakes. And yet there is an openness, a sweet ability among healthy children to be authentic and kind. Many of us spend years working to develop the strength and confidence to re-claim our authenticity, born of new confidence and wisdom.

Freedom Reminder Three: Authenticity gives us the freedom to express who we really are with newly found confidence.

Take the time to notice the reflections of life and learning that kids and animals show us in our fast-paced, stressful world.