In today’s changing environment, organizations need long term results from their leadership, focused on getting things done through people.

The key to success is accountable and sustainable leadership development programs.

All businesses  want  productive, engaged employees and sustainable success.  Fully engaged employees are 2 1/2 times more likely to exceed performance expectations.  What’s the biggest determining factor for engagement?  Leadership determines 70% of employee engagement according to Gallup.  You can impact leadership effectiveness  though a framework of analysis , training, and sustainability of better performance.

How We Bring Value

How does Hart Training Connection bring value to clients? After 25+ years as a corporate employee, and then starting Hart Training Connection in 2011,  Amy Hart gained a unique perspective  on the needs of small businesses as well as large corporations.  Utilizing that experience, she  empowers  companies and their teams to:​​​​

  • Build Stronger Connections between company leaders,  employees and customers
  • Communicate and Present more effectively
  • Develop Leadership Skills in managers and individual contributors
  • Develop Engaged and Productive Teams
  • Use Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence to become  proactive,  positive change agents at work and home

Amy Hart​​​

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Leadership Development

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  • "Amy is adept at coaching leaders while keeping herself open and attuned to their perspectives for a maximized learning experience. She is a great communicator and has a sense for knowing the "right" questions to ask. Leaders at Shell have been very receptive to her style of inquiry and coaching."

    Shad Stoddard, MLHR
    Shad Stoddard, MLHR Leader Development Global Program Manager at Shell
  • "Excellent facilitation...kept energy and participation high by asking questions...providing examples to keep the course very lively." "Creates a good environment in which people feel free to share." Accommodating, friendly and well prepared.... Is very good in making sessions interactive" "Great speaker who actively listened & made sure everyone's objective... was spoken on." "... a great facilitator...very good at getting everyone engaged."

    Hemsley Frasier
    Hemsley Frasier Employee Evaluations from large corporate client contracts
  • “Amy Hart is a professional trainer that I can rely upon to deliver exactly what clients need... She delivers an exceptionally tailored program to exceed expectations. Amy’s experience … as a training director employed by one of the major insurers, and now as an entrepreneur herself, has provided her with unique perspectives on the needs of small businesses and major corporations. This expertise proves invaluable with today’s changing market conditions and diverse needs of the employees within organizations.”

    Jill Hickman
    Jill Hickman President, Jill Hickman Companies
  • “Amy provided valuable, interpersonal insights for our management team and employees that helped improve our working relationships for the ultimate benefit of our customers. Her knowledge … allowed us to tailor the training to our unique needs. We were very pleased with the results and will be hiring Amy again for future training.”

    Mike Schneider, CPCU, CRA
    Mike Schneider, CPCU, CRA President, Cravens Warren & Co.

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